With a heritage steeped in luxury and American engineering, the New Lincoln MKZ has been a quietly excellent sedan for years. The newest version though, takes things to the next level. A handsome exterior design and sleek, athletic touches make the new Lincoln MKZ a joy to look at, and Indianapolis drivers are sure to love driving this head turner. Visit Tom Roush Lincoln in Fishers for your own up-close look at the new Lincoln MKZ today!

With narrow, contoured LED headlights sitting aside a chrome honeycomb grille, the new Lincoln MKZ presents a beautiful and elegant face to the world. The crisp character line that runs from the top of the headlights to the taillights gives the MKZ a powerful poised stance, while the gently arcing roof pulls the whole car together in a sleek and simplified fashion. Simple and clean, the exterior design of this luxury sedan is a timeless treasure that you’re sure to love for years to come.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find there’s even more to love. Each side of the dash reaches gently inward before reaching the prominent center console. This puts all of your controls within easy reach without crowding your passenger space so you can feel loose and comfortable on even your longest drives. Carmel drivers will surely love the real wood inlays and brushed aluminum that make up the trim, and the heated steering wheel is perfect for handling the bitter cold of a Noblesville winter.

Ambient interior lighting helps you set the perfect mood for every trip, whether you’re looking for a warm and cozy atmosphere or a calming blue wash of light surrounding you. Hand-stitched Bridge of Weir™ leather seats will surely take your comfort to the next level, and when you factor in the heated and ventilated options you’ll have everything you need to make every trip a luxurious experience.

A retractable panoramic glass roof adds even further ambiance to your interior by allowing a flood of natural light to enter the cabin. This not only makes the MKZ feel more open by default, but it adds a touch of class as well. One-touch open functionality allows you to feel the rush of fresh outside air at a moment’s notice, and all of your passengers can enjoy the view of the world above thanks to the expansive size of the opening.

Approach detection aids in both safety and convenience by welcoming you back to your vehicle as you approach with your keys. Simply walk up to your Lincoln MKZ with the key in your pocket or purse and you’ll be greeted by the daytime running lights and fog lights, and a simple touch of the handle will unlock the doors for you to get inside.

Once you’re driving, Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ will be looking out for you so you can travel with confidence.

The lane-keeping system uses cameras to read lane markings and will help keep you centered in your lane. When you begin to drift, slight steering assistance will help guide you back toward the center of your lane to prevent you from running off the road or into oncoming traffic. The Pre-Collision assist includes both automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection to help you out in high-stress situations. By scanning the road ahead it can let you know of an impending collision so you can take action, and can even automatically apply the brakes to help reduce the impact if you’ve failed to react.

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